Trade Show Tips – Increasing Traffic To Your Booth

In the past, people used to rely on gimmicks or attractive booth employees to attract attention to their trade show booth. But these days, flashy exhibit accessories and tired giveaways are not considered as effective means to increase traffic to your convention display.

Looking to draw sheer numbers to your company booth is not always the best tactic for a successful convention experience, and a cattle call for random visitors does not equal solid leads. Accumulating quality leads requires enticing the right visitors that can turn into potential clients or helpful resources for your business to enter your booth space.

Follow the steps below to attract quality traffic to your trade show exhibit, to maximize your sales leads and broaden your professional network:

Spread the word

Planning for your trade show before attending is an important step to increasing traffic at your booth space by informing customers and other attendees of your presence at the event. Most event organizers can provide a list of trade show attendees so you can research who will be at the show and who you want to make sure you make time to meet.

Before the show, emailing or direct mailing a contact list of leads and clients your booth number and location makes it easier for your visitors to find your company’s exhibit. Also, knowing who you are going to visit when you attend the show allows you to narrow down the list of valuable connections that are relevant to your organization or business. Time is of the essence at a trade show, so be sure to make the most of it by forming a plan ahead of time.

Offer appropriate promotional items

carrying a gift bag

If you have a new product or special offer, be sure to announce it to give visitors a reason to make your booth a priority. Interactive displays and products can get folks involved and most often prove to draw a crowd of interested onlookers as well. Tired marketing clichés like a fish bowl that guests can throw their business card into may lead to a large amount of leads, but they may be simply cold leads that will never be useful to you or your company.

Gifts that are targeted to your specific audience are the most effective means of generating the right kind of traffic. You can also host private events in separate conference rooms for a select few to build solid relationships with your leads or offer to speak as an expert on a panel for a topic you or your business specializes in.

Design an interesting booth

Not only does your staff have to look professional and company-driven with clothing that enforces brand recognition, your booth has to look attractive as well. Creating an open and welcoming booth design can serve to draw guests into your exhibit space. The best booth design doesn’t have to be the most expensive. Be thrifty and find creative ways to use your products or less-expensive materials to create a unique exhibit that will make your booth stand apart from the pack.

No matter your booth’s size, effective signage is an easy way to draw visitors to your company’s presentation. Custom printed banners and displays that speak directly to the viewer and answer questions like, “What can your company do for me?” and “How do your products and services apply to my business?” are surefire ways to attract a specific audience that is tailored to your company’s line of business and product offerings.

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