Important Tips For A Successful Trade Show Display

Trade shows are the perfect opportunity to introduce your business to potential clients. Other businesses at the event will be competing against you for the same prospects, so you’ve got to have some leverage. If you want these prospective clients to notice your display, you have to consider these essential tips for a successful showcase.

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  • Be sure to eliminate any visual clutter that might confuse or overwhelm your booth visitors. Your booth is not a walking brochure, and the banner you hang should only include a main message and your business logo. All the other contact details or product features should be included in a flyer or a media kit.
  • Display lighting is a critical tool, because events or trade shows often take place in poorly lit spaces like convention centers or hotel ballrooms. If your booth will have more lighting, chances are it will stand out from the crowd. You can use small spotlights to highlight your display materials, or use a light that shines your logo on the floor or on your booth walls.
  • An important aspect of the display is its location. If your display is placed on a high-traffic path or near the front entrance, it will undoubtedly increase your visibility. This means you must register early to secure one of the best spots in the show.
  • When hanging banners or information posters, make sure they are placed at waist level or above. Anything below that, and there is a good chance that people will miss it. You only have a short time to capture customers’ attention, so placing items in their line of sight will keep them from looking the other way and get their attention.
  • Make sure to incorporate giveaways or product samples because costumers love them. Also, consider interactive activities like surveys or sampling. A touch-screen display is another way to get customers to interact with both your business and your products. This way, you will capture customer contact information so that you can follow up with potential clients.
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