How To Steal The Show At Your Next Expo

Presenting at a trade show or expo can be an intimidating experience. You might feel insecure in a place full of large companies with appealing exhibitions, especially if you are a small brand. The competition is fierce, but remember that every large company started as a small exhibitor. Training their staff properly and creating engaging strategies to attract good prospects to their booths, made the difference for these big organizations.

stealing attention

So, having a clear purpose is essential. You will be there, on the trade show floor, to sell your product, to build a brand and to manage to raise your company from obscurity. How can you do that? These tips will help you improve your performance at any trade show and expo:

  1. Convey your company message through your trained staff and digital devices. Tablets are perfect devices where you can include detailed information about your products and company, appealing activities and all the necessary tricks to attract attendees’ attention. Actually, they can work as a great hook to engage good prospects in conversation. Design an appealing strategy to load tablets with interesting surveys, simple challenges, chances to win valuable gifts and any trick that attracts their interest. Remember that electronic literature saves you money and gives you more chances to use it and share it even after the event.
  2. Include power charging stations at your display. This is a really good strategy for any kind of exhibitor. People carry mobile devices on them, everywhere they go. So, offering an area with a free power charging service where people can recharge their phones or tablets is a great strategy to attract visitors and to keep them long enough to make a purchase. Provide a wide variety of adaptors, locate the station near the aisle and make it easily visible with eye-catching signage.
  3. Another great way to attract visitors is by adding engaging and educational video content. This way, visitors will be happy to come back every time and get additional information. Holding the audience captive makes visitors forget the event and get totally focused on the message you want to convey.

Now is the time to work hard and to prepare the ground for an incredible experience. Don’t feel daunted by obstacles. Steal the show and take your small company to the next level.

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