How To Make The Most Out Of Trade Shows

If you are attending a trade show to promote your business there are many things that you need to keep in mind in order to get the best results from this event.


make the most of trade showsFirst of all, you should always find a way to book a booth in a very busy aisle near a large company booth that will attract traffic to yours. Always make sure of creating a realistic budget considering all the issues related to the event. Take into account the cost of being absent from your office for a few days, traveling expenses, accommodations, snacks, meals, gift bags and so on.

Design a schedule that allows you to work in your booth as well as to walk the hall in order to make new contacts. Select some of your more friendly employees to go with you. You will certainly need positive and high energy around you. So, always choose attentive people with a nice appearance who can help you to promote your business and make new contacts. You should also bring some hampers with mints and chocolates to attract people.

Ask the event’s public relation team to give you access to the preregistered media list. This way you can look for editors, reporters and bloggers who could be relevant to your business. Plan in advance appointments and interviews with reporters at least 5 weeks before the event. Otherwise their schedules will be too tight for you. You should always pay attention to press kits. They must be properly distributed at the press conferences or make sure that they get into the press rooms.


You must attend at least a few seminars and be part of all the group meals, no matter how tired you are. These times are perfect to make some important contacts. Remember, no matter if you are in a right mood or not, you should always be polite, nice and informative.

make the most of trade showsTake some time every day to walk the floor, exchange business cards and make some extra contacts. Once you have caught the attention of someone you wanted to meet you will have just a few minutes before that person gets distracted with something else. So it is important to make a good use of those minutes to make a good impression. You should probably ask them to talk outside the hall where the atmosphere is less busy and quieter.

Making Contacts

Always talk to as many people as you can. You never know who could be a potential contact. Bring plenty of extra business cards just in case. Collect potential clients cards to send them later your brochures with the excuse that many people were interested in your products and you don’t have more brochures to share. This is a good strategy as you can send them further information or special offerings you might have in the future.

make the most of trade shows

Clothes are always a key factor at any trade show. You will need stylish and comfortable clothes to wear. You should always have available pockets, one to keep your own cards and another one to store the other people’s cards. Always remember, the most important thing at any trade showing is show up. Being there makes all the difference.

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