How To Make An Effective Media Kit?

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documents folderWhen showing at a trade show, one of the first things that you give a potential client or a reporter is a media kit (also referred to as press kit). A media kit offers you the chance to give reporters everything you want them to know about your company, products or services, and it provides them with the information they need to write about you or your business after the event.

There are a few fundamental items that you must include on the press kit to make it effective and successful. Make sure you don’t forget these items when you prepare the media kit as they are quite critical.

One important item is your contact information. You should include a page or brochure that contains the contact information of the person in charge on PR and other relevant contacts at your company. This will help the reporters find the information they need, all in one place.

When reporters write about a product, they would want to include images for illustration. Therefore, it’s a must to include high-res images in your media kit. The images should be of your company logo and the products you are promoting. To make the images easily incorporated into any page layout, they should be on a plain white background.

Another item you must include is a press release, as suggested in this article: What to Include in a Press Kit and Other Helpful Trade Show Tips. The reporters and contacts at the trade show who receive your press kit will have your company’s press release readily available, and they won’t have to dig through their email to find it, or to search the online newswire announcements until they find the press release.

To make the media kit more up-to-date and engaging, you can take it one step further and use only recycled paper. This will look innovative and also appeal to those a care about the environment.

cd for presentationAnother thing you can do is to make it digital. Simply convert all the brochures, business cards and contact info into images, and make a CD that will include those details plus all the images and even video presentations. This way, you simply hand out one CD that contains everything, and no one will have to walk around with a big folder.


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