How To Engage Trade Show International Visitors

Many companies that attend trade shows only have a local or national focus but there may be international opportunities at any given event. You will always find at least a few international visitors at a trade show, whether it is local or not. Alternatively, you may find that there are some international events that will suit your wants and needs when you are doing your research on where to exhibit your business. Whether you are going to present abroad or locally, you should be ready to engage international visitors.

global interaction

Business etiquette

Business etiquette starts with learning how to behave in a professional manner no matter where in the world potential customers are from. There are certain things that apply to all cultures, such as listening to people and responding in a thoughtful and polite manner.

Of course, there are things that, if you turn potential international leads into clients and follow up with meetings, you will need to know. For example, in Bolivia and the Czech Republic it is necessary to turn up to meetings with gifts. In France, punctuality is not really a must, but in Britain or the United States it’s taken very seriously.

You can save a lot of time and keep it simple by doing a little homework to see who might attend the event. If you can narrow it down to certain nationalities then you can learn their etiquette. You can keep your distance from those who like space, speak quietly with those who prefer that and eliminate certain gestures if necessary. Above all else, just make sure that you are prepared to speak to people in the same professional manner with the same level of respect and you will be fine.

Body language

friendly faceBody language will be key to forming bonds with overseas potential clients. Not only is your body language important to encourage people to approach you and speak to you, but understanding their body language is also vital. Your body language should be open at all times. Never cross your arms, turn your back on people or appear disinterested by letting your eyes wander or speaking over someone. You should also read a little about body language, learning the signs that tell you people are interested in what you have to offer. In fact, this is important for all potential customers and not just international ones so it is something worth investing time in.

Global availability

Lastly, if you are speaking to an international visitor then you need to make sure that they can understand you. This is not always easy when you consider how much slang and colloquialisms we use on a daily basis, much of it without even thinking about it. You should also avoid using metaphors because many foreigners might baffle with these expressions.

Sticking to the use of correct English with accepted grammar is the best idea when dealing with international visitors. If you think about the English they learn then you will have a good idea of how you can speak to them to ensure that they understand. And let’s face it, the more they understand the better the chance you have of doing business with them and that is the ultimate goal.

These points will help you to court international visitors at trade shows and give you plenty of opportunities to enhance your business. It is definitely worth the effort – you never know how much your business could take off with international clients and contacts.

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    It’s just what I was searching for… I have an upcoming trade show in France and was feeling a bit lost… Thanks for the tips!

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