How To Choose The Right Giveaway For Your Next Event

Trade show exhibitors often wonder which giveaway will draw lots of visitors to their booth. Choosing the right promotional item for your target audience can be pretty tricky and should be thought about carefully. The right giveaway should reflect your business, your booth, and your budget.

The answer to which giveaway is the right one relies on a few in-depth questions. Much like the 5 W’s in journalism, ask yourself these questions:

  • Who is attending the event – identify your target audience, their interests, their background, their average age, demographics, and so on.
  • What are your goals from this event – generating leads, increasing brand awareness, introducing a new product, etc.
  • Where are you giving away those items – is it outside or indoors? Is it a festival or an industry trade show?
  • Why are you giving something away? It should be useful in some way, whether it’s a sample product or a customized tote bag to carry all the brochures and media kits.
  • When do you plan to give the items away – goes for time of year as well as specific hour of the day. If you give a tote bag for instance, give it at the beginning of the day, but not too early, to give people a chance to collect a few items – they’ll appreciate it a lot more.

Another way to help you decide on the right giveaway is to look for hot trends. These can be in your specific industry, or just hot in general – like large memory flash drives, microfiber screen cleaners, smartphone cases, thermo bottles, portable mobile chargers, and even t-shirts, that might be old school but still very useful.

Even generic giveaways might work well for exhibitors. If you don’t have a new sample to give, and your budget can’t afford technological items like flash drives or chargers, then you can always go for some old tricks that work: pens with your logo, hats, t-shirts, magnets, keychains, etc. These items might get thrown away eventually, but they can be used for a short period and stick in your prospects memory for a while.

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