Are You Participating At The Right Trade Show?

Exhibiting at a trade show can offer you a wonderful opportunity to connect with prospective clients and colleagues, and most importantly – the get a lot of exposure. But simply participating at a random show is not the best idea – you need to know which event is the most suitable for you.

Go over these points before you decide on a particular trade show, and even consult with trusted authorities in your industry for recommendations or guidance.

Start with choosing the location. A lot of times people tend to ignore local trade shows because they think these events are too small. Maybe that’s true, but if there is a high chance to find your targeted audience in a local event, it will be worth the investment. Plus, you won’t need to travel far, so a lot of expenses like shipping and accommodation will be significantly reduced.

international event

Another important issue is the related industry. If you are a mobile phone manufacturer, you shouldn’t attend events related to cosmetics, right? This is of course an exaggeration, but be sure to choose wisely and not only base your decision on location or costs.

Lastly, do not register at the last minute. If you find a show that interests you, but it starts in 2 weeks, it would be best to register as a visitor and check out the event. This will give you the option of seeing the venue, exploring ways of transportation and checking out your competition. Next year, register early and you’ll be prepared for the show, knowing exactly where the best booth locations are, what are the easiest access ways and where it’s best to stay.


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