Any Business Should Have A Media Press Kit – Find Out Why

Any business or company showing at a trade show or expo should have a media kit for the visitors. A lot of shows attract reporters and handing them a professional kit could be the difference between success and failure. You can visualize the kit as your business resume, so it must reflect all the good things.

A good media kit should contain a few unexpendable elements. It should look professional and represent your company in the best way. You should start with the folder that contains the data. It should be designed to fit the audience as well as the theme and the product or service you are promoting. You can add your logo and choose colors that would highlight the logo or image.

business media press kit

The media kit should contain a brief background about the company and a few words about the company’s key figures. It should also contain a more explanatory page or brochure about the specific product or service currently promoted.

If possible, try to include a sample of the promoted product. If this is a service, you can include a digital link to the service, to show what it is and how it works. A sample is always a good strategy, as it captures the attention of the audience, giving them a taste and leaving them wanting more.

It would best to include a separate page with the company’s contact information. Make sure you include the organization’s name, a few contact names, their e-mails and their day and evening phone numbers. News is a 24 hour a day business, and morning newspapers mean lots of reporters work evenings. In case the package gets dropped, post contact information on each piece in the kit.

Lastly, include at least 3-4 business cards in the kit. It’s absolutely crucial to include business cards as most reporters keep them. In case a reporter lost your kit but he remembers it was interesting, he can reach you through the business card and get more information directly from you.

business media press kit

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