Make Your Trade Show Memorable In Just 3 Steps

One of the major mistakes often committed by trade show organizers is their inability to identify which product should be the highlight of the trade show they are planning. This mistake causes confusion in the trade show event itself leaving the showcase as nothing but stuff full of stuff. Long story short, potential buyers will easily forget your trade show if you don’t have a specific product to focus on; a product to “show.” Here’s a simple 3-step process that will help you make your trade show memorable!

The third step to make your trade show memorable: accessible booth setups.

The third step to make your trade show memorable: accessible booth setups.

Customers who visit trade shows have this tendency to get confused on which products are important and which products are secondary. In order to avoid this confusion and ultimately, to make your trade show successful, the trade show organizer should always keep in mind highlighting a single product that will be the focus of the entire show. This product should be important or high-valued as it will be the most memorable piece in the exhibit. Now, an organizer might argue that all of the products to be showcased are equally important so it follows that treatment for all of the products should be equal as well. How can such logic be wrong?

According to recent psychological research, the brain is easily led to confusion if too much information is absorbed. As such, organizing a trade show with a jumble of products without a focal point to put one’s attention would lead to consumers getting confused the entire night.
In order to avoid trade show confusion, you have to take note of three aspects and apply it to your next trade show.

1. Plan your objectives and exhibiting goals. Remember that you are organizing a trade show to attract buyers and engage them with conversations regarding their wants and needs.
2. Deliver a clear message. According to trade show research, approximately 76% of potential customers visit trade shows to check out new products. Maximize this interest by presenting something that they will not soon forget; something different and unique.
3. Ensure the accessibility of your booths. You should take into mind that placing seats and resting areas would only attract visitors to rest the entire show and miss the important items being showcased. Also, booths crowded with tables appear as unwelcoming to visitors so make sure to place all the tables at the back of the booth. Lastly, booths crowded with staff and salesmen can be unattractive to visitors so brief them before the event and make sure that they circulate around the location doing their job.

The key to a successful trade show is to make it memorable and in order to do this you must focus on a product highlight which will be the primary item of your exhibit. So, what are you waiting for? Study these tips and start planning your next trade show!

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