How To Prepare A Trade Show Press Kit

When it comes to preparing for a trade show it is crucial to create the perfect press kit to prevent it from ending up in the recycling bin of reporters. Many PR professionals say that press kits are really useful for journalists to write about your company and products but they also say that press kits are potential marketing tools for advertisers and clients.

prepare trade show press kit

Press kit essentials

Your trade show presentation reflects your company, brand and products, and it is essential to use catching banner stands, colorful signage and informative brochures to attract more people to your booth. Moreover, trade shows give you the chance to be in direct contact with reporters and potential clients offering them printed media and materials related to your company and products. So, making a good use of this chance and preparing the best press kit to attract media to the product you are announcing is totally crucial for the success of your business.

First of all, when you want to include printed materials in your press kit, you should invest in a high-quality paper stock. If you are announcing a quality product you should present your information in a readable, clean and quality presentation.

Company overview and previous releases

The first element to include in your press kit is your company overview. This is the place to sum up your business and explain your company’s nature. What kind of company you have, what products or services you offer, when did you start etc.

trade show press releaseOne or two of your recent press releases should definitely be included. The press release should always be written in a way that allows reporters to go from the summary idea to the more specific details. They should be succinct to position the company and product quickly and clearly. If you want to include old releases, always change the date. Editors expect news, so don’t disappoint them.

Product presentation

Pay attention to catalogs and images. It is important to include high resolution images of your company´s logo and products shots. Make sure that images are on a plain white background to highlight facts when incorporating them into any page layout.

Also include a fact sheet with a description of the product you are announcing, highlighting its most important aspects: availability, pricing, specifications, and so on. Remember, it is not necessary to include other products that your company offers. Just get focused on the ones that you present during the exhibition.

Biographies are also important. You can use this section to talk about key people in your company like your CEO, company’s founders, president, investors etc. Remember, company´s executives are the real soul of the business. So, it is important to talk about how they think, their future projects and visions. But be careful and keep descriptions tight, talking about their personal lives could make people lose interest.

Contact info and samples

Never forget to include your contact information. Include 2-3 business cards with the kit and list your phone numbers, email addresses and location to let people know how to contact you. Without contact information your press kit is just a useless tool.

If you want to include brochures or data sheets, you should write a summary release to let people know that literature is available upon request. It is never recommended to stuff your press kit with literature of all colors, shapes and sizes as if you were trying to impress editors.

If you are announcing a small product you could definitely include a sample in your press kit. This way, editors and reporters can test it on their own.

Digital supplements

Now, since this is the computer age, it is highly recommended to consider digital versions of CDs or USB devices. Today, many trade shows don’t allow paper press kits since they are not environmentally friendly. Electronic versions are cheaper than paper press kits, and they also take less space, which is a benefit not only for you but also for your media contacts. In any case, it is always a good idea to use both formats in your press kit.

When preparing your CDs or USB devices, make sure they are branded with your company’s name and logo. Include the company’s website and the name of the product you are announcing. Never include PDF formats in your press releases. Word documents are better for your contacts to copy and paste your information into their story. Avoid including prior press mentions because your media contacts could get disappointed when realizing that other press has already cover the news. Remember, press love exclusives.


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